Good Times A-Comin'

WHO: All Current and Former Members ... and Friends

 WHAT: Homecoming 2015- Church Fellowship, Powerful Preaching, Camp Meeting Singing, Covered Dish Luncheon

 WHEN: Sunday, August 30th at 11:00 am We are in the process of planning Homecoming for the membership and friends of our church, and we need your help. Those of you who are active members will receive information regarding the festivities via "The Pointer" and the Sunday "bulletin," as well as information from the pulpit. Clearly you are already invited and included! We do, however, want help with your out-of-town children and former neighbors and friends who were once members of previous congregations. PLEASE: Contact Sherry with the names and addresses (email if available) of any persons you wish to see included. We are happy to extend an invitation to any (and all), but we must have your help in identifying these people ... and we must have that input as soon as possible! Reservations appreciated!


We want to be good hosts/hostesses with enough food for everyone, and we don't want our first-time or out-of-town guests to bring covered dishes. So please make sure that you bring a gracious plenty! Also, it is important to share with you that Homecoming is NOT a budgeted item. Due to this, we are asking you to give prayeiful consideration to the possibility of making a love donation to help with the expenses of the day.